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County Leaders Endorse Braxton White

Twenty current and former Clarion County elected officials and community leaders have endorsed Braxton White for Commissioner.

“I am proud to endorse Braxton for Clarion County Commissioner,” said East Brady Council President Barbara Mortimer. “Braxton knows the value of working hard for your community and he will work hard for Clarion County.”

“Braxton knows how important it is to be a part of our local community and that we grow stronger when we all work together,” said Clarion Mayor Jen Vinson. “As Commissioner, he will listen to the needs of our communities and fight for everyone in Clarion County.”

“I am thrilled to have the support of such a diverse group of leaders from Clarion County,” Braxton said. “Our best asset is the people who make our communities strong and I look forward to working with everyone to build up our emergency and law enforcement services, invest in our towns, and keep our taxes low.”

The Clarion County leaders who have endorsed Braxton include:

  • Pam Zahoran - Clarion County Auditor

  • Jen Vinson - Clarion Boro Mayor

  • Dave Estadt - Clarion Area School Director

  • Barbara Mortimer - President, East Brady Boro Council

  • Nancy Kadunce - Highland TWP Tax Collector

  • Linda Runyan - Knox Boro Council

  • Brenda Dede - Clarion Boro Council

  • Sara Robertson - Former Clarion Area School Director

  • Stephanie White - Clarion County Democratic State Committee

  • Rose Logue - Former Clarion Boro Council

  • Jacqueline "Jackie" Griebel - Community Leader

  • Paul Woodburne - Shippenville Boro Council

  • Michelle Harbaugh - Former Clarion Area School Director

  • Jamie Shropshire - Community Leader

  • Molly Greenawalt - Former Clarion-Limestone School Director

  • Rod Raeshler - Former Clarion Area School Director

  • Elaine Matticks - Former Clarion Area School Director

  • Dan Parker - Former Clarion Boro Mayor

  • Carla Magrini - Clarion Boro Tax Collector

  • Bill Miller - Former Clarion Boro Mayor


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