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Braxton White Announces Candidacy for Clarion County Commissioner

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

MARIANNE, Pa. – Braxton White, PA Army National Guard Veteran and elected school director of the Clarion Area School District has announced his candidacy for Clarion County Commissioner.

White believes his service to the country through the military, his volunteerism in the community, and his time on the school board has prepared him to be a strong Commissioner of Clarion County.

“The importance of community service was instilled in me at a young age by my Great Grandfather. I was honored to follow in his footsteps when I joined the National Guard in 2008. If he were still around, I know he’d be thrilled to see me serve in the community today” he said.

White says that he will apply the strategies used at Clarion Area School District and won’t run from the issues facing Clarion County.

“At Clarion Area, we have not raised taxes since I was elected, we’ve improved our district’s infrastructure, expanded access to mental health services, fostered a desirable and stable work environment for administration and faculty, all while being on target to pay off our debt years in advance. We should be able to strike a balance between investing in our communities and respecting the taxpayer just like we do at Clarion Area.”

“Our public services, like emergency medical services and CYS that serve the most vulnerable among us haven’t been fully funded for years. We have got to stop talking about what we can’t do and work towards what we should do. Our community deserves nothing less.”

White, 36, has been married to his high school sweetheart Stephanie since 2010 and resides in Marianne with their eight-year-old son, Will. Braxton is currently employed as a drafting instructor at Triangle-Tech in DuBois, PA.

Braxton can be reached at


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